tit-brandingI have been watching, reading, and learning an immense amount on this concept of “Branding” yourself as a REALTOR®.   The high energy coaching of how to make yourself stand out is delivered with such urgency. “”Branding” is the way to make a kazillion dollars!  Come on now, get moving!  You want to be the “go to” REALTOR® of your area!!!”  My head is just spinning.  At the same time, it has made me give pause.  Pause to ask myself, “Why am I in this field?”, “What has drawn me to it?” , “How do I wish others to perceive me?”

There were and are more questions that I asked myself as I continued on watching, reading, and learning more about this concept of “Branding”.   This concept of “Branding” and my search to define it has actually helped me take stalk of why I am even in this field.

So far here is my inventory that was the fruit of my search for the definition of “Branding” and what it translates into for me:

1. Work Ethic:  I will work  hard and go the extra mile to bring peace to the process of buying, selling, or listing. That means driving my clients; getting support where needed for my clients; hostessing a mulitude of open houses, if need be; being the shoulder to cry on or the hugger for comfort;  being available; and doing my homework.

2. Sincerity and Dignity:  Each person that comes into my life is as different and unique as their fingerprints.  Each person needs to enter my life and leave my life knowing how unique they are.  Their search for a home, selling of their home, or the listing of their home is not a cookie cutter plan used a kazillion times.  Each designed plan is formed around the fingerprints of the person.  As my grandfather, John Fitzpatrick, used to say, “People will remember you more for how you made them feel than what you have said to them. Treat them well so when they see you coming, they smile.”

3. I may make a fool of myself wanting you to have all possible avenues,  even if it means duplicating my efforts!  I prefer to look foolish knowing your questions were answered, information was given, and contact made.  Your successful experience is  worth having turned over all “stones”.

4. Alot of REALTORS® want to be honest and want to be  known for that.  I wish to be that REALTOR®.  I hope I am perceived honest as I negotiate between parties and meet the uniqueness of each circumstance.

5.  Life is Good.   Each client has been brought into my life to enrich it.  My hope is that I, in turn, enrich their lives. (As a matter of fact, my clients have become my friends. They are amazing!)

6.  Vocation:  My perception is that we are ‘here’ to serve each other.  The synergistic relationship between you and I is what enables the process to succeed.

My “Branding”?  Not quite sure how all the above can fit into a sound byte but that is what I am about.  Natural energy to “get ‘r done”;  an intrinsic view of honor; and of course smiles and laughter complete the package.

Let’s do this!

Annette M. Renaud

3512  Peavine Road,
Crossville, TN  38571