facebook_1457742218809I just hung up the phone with one of the most precious people that I know.  Whenever we share we always end up laughing so hard we cry.  One of the shares was Weight Watchers and it rapidly slid into one liners that had us rolling over with laughter.

Another gentleman I spoke with recently is looking for some land.  He wants to begin building a home for himself.  In the meantime, he is taking care of his mother until she does not need him anymore.  His family is coming first, duty and honor.

I have a closing on a cute home soon.  The young couple purchasing the home are so excited.  It will be the home they raise their babies in and grow old together.  They are the kind of young people that fill your heart with hope for the future.

What do these scenarious have in common?  They are all separate incidences yet have a common thread. What could be that common thread between each one of them?  Me. I am a Real Estate Agent, and I have met these people doing what I do.  The above mentioned people are people like you and me.  They have come to me for assistance and for what I am able to do for them. And yet I am the one who leaves enriched and have been given something so valuable.  The value is IN them.  The priviledge of being part of such amazing characters is a treasure beyond anything that can be given to somebody, and yet, here I am.

We are all okay.  Let me just get that out there.  We are all okay with greatness coming out.  We display our heroism every day and I get the priviledge of witnessing it in what I do.

You are probably wondering how I came about choosing the title.  Well, that lady I told you about?  The one that had me laughing so hard that I cried?  It was part of our diatribe of one liners while we were laughing.  Ya just had to be there. (If you ever meet Jill, tell her I said “Hi”!)

My grandfather, John L. Fitzpatrick, always said, “How you make people feel will last longer than anything you can say. When people  see you coming do you want them to smile or frown?”  These people and more, leave me smiling and feeling a sense of strength and hope.

Some day we will meet, I am sure.  Come visit me in Crossville, TN.  Let’s have a sweet tea at the local diner and you can share your home needs.    I know just the one for you!

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